A Boy & his Dog

I honestly don’t remember how old Peter was when Shadow, an amazing black Lab, came to our home as a puppy.  She was everything a boy could imagine in a dog! Shadow and Peter spent countless hours together outside. She would never leave his side, and after the rest of the boys arrived, she was […]

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Quiver complete with #4

Samuel Hans Broome arrived as planned January 10, 1996.  Since his 3 brothers were C-section deliveries, and Mom’s uterine lining was quite thin at 38, the doctor who delivered his brothers bowed out of this one, so we found a veteran OB/GYN in Dr. Peters, and Samuel Hans was born without a glitch!  I don’t […]

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Family at Five in 1992

Erick Uriah Broome was born February 27, 1992.  Older brothers, Peter and Philip, were mesmerized and captivated when he arrived…right on time, a third C-section! Erick received no small amount of time and attention from his parents AND his two brothers. The boys adored their baby brother immensely.  Sometimes I wonder if Erick wasn’t slightly […]

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Hello It’s Me

My desire to create a blog is born out of a passion for the four most incredible human beings I know…my 4 adult sons!  I am in Atlanta; they are in Iowa and northern Minnesota…ugh!  There’s much more to the memories and stories than distance and pain.  Rather than calibrating to the grief, this blog […]

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Ballsy Beginnings

Born at St. Agnes Hospital, 1303 E. Herndon Avenue, Fresno, California: 8/27/1987  Peter Zachary Broome 6/02/1989  Philip Daniel Broome 2/27/1992  Erick Uriah Broome 1/10/1996  Samuel Hans Broome   While the quiver was effectively full in 1996, there are prior escapades worth noting.  Stand by as I learn the art of blogging…but don’t hold your breath!  

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